Is your device broken? Our geeks can fix that.

Software problems

Sometimes, issues with your phone, tablet or computer are simply to do with the software running on the device. Our geeks can run tests, tweak settings or even help reset or restore your device.

Repairs and replacement parts

Our geeks can help get your device back up and running whether it's replacing a cracked screen on your iPhone, putting a new battery in your laptop or some other part.

Our geeks are super-repairers

Our geeks have made too many repairs to count over the years, giving them experience that is invaluable. You can trust that your precious device is in good hands.

All of our repairs come guaranteed

All of the work we do on your device whether it is software or hardware, we guarantee it for three months after the repair is completed. No questions asked.

Book your device in for a repair!

If you have a device that is ready to get back in shape, then book it in for a repair with a geek below and we can start the process.