Get a geek to solve your tech problems!


Need some help with your tech?

Book one of our geeks to help you with your tech problems today. We can help you over the phone, in a remote session or we can come to you and help onsite.

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Get more out of your devices

Training with a geek is the best way to make sure your getting the most out of your devices and with a session as small as an hour, you too could be a geek!



We can repair your broken devices

If your device is not working right or isn't working it all, you can send it in to us to have it inspected and repaired back to desired condition. Our geeks have experience working on most common devices and operating systems, including Apple, Samsung & Microsoft.

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Kiwis helping Kiwis

Our goal at GeekHQ was to help our fellow kiwis with their tech problems and make smashing monitors a thing of the past and we have assembled a small team of super-capable kiwi geeks to do just that.