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Cyber Security

Protect your business infrastructure from cyber-attacks with cutting edge technologies.

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Specialists for cyber security services

At the rapid rate technology is advancing, cyber-attacks pose a growing risk – and if your systems are not fully protected, it’s a case of ‘when it happens’, not ‘if’.

At GeekHQ we’re specialists in cybersecurity and we make it our job to make sure you’re fully protected against system threats that could have significant and costly consequences for your business.

You may have experienced systems breaches and are vulnerable to further attacks. We can quickly establish gaps in your defenses to protect your business into the future and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We work hard behind the scenes, constantly scanning for areas of weakness in your systems, and blocking access to integral parts of your network from initial security breaches.

The most crucial component of business infrastructure is cyber security and yet, this is still one of the most overlooked areas within businesses today.

Enforce login security with MFA and SSO

For when passwords are not enough, multi-factor authentication adds another layer of protection to your users’ logins, requiring them to confirm their login with a device they have access to.

Single-sign on allows user access to business applications using a single identity provider. For example, users can login to Dropbox with their Microsoft account – reducing the number of passwords needed.

Enterprise-level email security and protection

Our email security solutions give your business enhanced spam and phishing security, dynamic analysis of URLs and attachments within emails, as well as enforceable encryption and data loss prevention.

Manage user identities and connected devices

An identity and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution allows your business to finely control access to information, applications, and devices by deploying advanced compliance and conditional access rules. MDM also gives you the ability to remote-wipe data from a device in case it’s lost, stolen or access is revoked.

Take your anti-virus protection to the next level

Bundled in with our remote support and monitoring tools is the latest and greatest in system security software. Our anti-virus software uses AI to stay ahead of cyber-attacks, like zero-day and ransomware, giving you the best protection possible.

Secure your networks with firewall protection

A firewall is a barrier between your internal network and the Internet, allowing you to keep private resources confidential and minimise security risks by controlling network traffic, in both directions.

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