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Managed IT

Never worry about your business IT again with secure and responsive managed IT services that you can depend on.

All of your business IT solutions managed by experts

Imagine never again having to sort out time-wasting IT problems that drive your productivity into the ground. With managed IT services you can put all the responsibility on us and take a step back, knowing that our team is working hard in the background to keep your business IT systems running as they should.

Providing full-service support – from day-to day management of your network security and backups, to cloud services, business and productivity applications, we’ll get your business IT on track.

We meet you where you’re at and work with you to identify the pain points slowing you down. Then we’ll troubleshoot any existing issues, make a plan and implement improvements to ensure all your ongoing IT needs are met.

Taking a proactive approach to your IT needs

A proactive approach to systems management is the key to keeping business running smoothly, and at GeekHQ we find and fix things before they have the chance to develop into real and costly problems.

Whether it’s onsite or remote assistance you need, we step in and take control of your IT needs – helping you build digital resilience, by offering solutions to manage your business IT systems to avoid any costly downtime.



All responsibilities of your day-to-day IT are handled by our team of experts, removing the need for you to be involved with the setup or maintenance of IT equipment and freeing up your time.



Bundled in with our tools is the latest and greatest in security software – using AI to stay ahead of cyber-attacks, like zero-day and ransomware, giving you the best protection possible.


Health Check

Our systems monitor the health of all your devices 24 hours a day, every day, alerting us to any behaviour outside of the normal thresholds which allows us to tackle issues – in most cases, before you even notice.



All your devices and software packages are kept up-to-date automatically by our systems. Updates are applied both behind-the-scenes and outside of working hours, which avoids any costly downtime.



With our automated backup systems for workstations, servers and databases, we can restore and have you back up and running in less than an hour compared to restores typically taking days.



We’ll meet with you regularly to report recommendations for system upgrades, discuss opportunities to leverage new technologies, and ensure hardware is current and fit for purpose.

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