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Submitting a ticket

There are two ways to submit a support ticket to our helpdesk, you can either submit it directly from your managed computer’s taskbar or via email. We recommend you use the taskbar option as it includes a lot of information collected from the device when the ticket is submitted.

Submit via task bar/menu bar icon

1. In your task bar (menu bar on Mac), click the “G” icon.
2. Click “Submit Ticket”.
3. A window will open requesting information for the ticket.

4. In the Subject field, enter a brief description of the issue (eg. Can’t access shared drive).
5. In the Body field, give us as much detail about the issue as you can (eg. what were you doing when the issue occurred).
6. In the Images field, you can either upload a screenshot or click “Take Screenshot” and one will be taken automatically.
7. Enter your name, email and phone details.
8. Click Send.


Submit via email

1. Open a new email to
2. In the subject line, give a brief description of the issue/request (eg. Printer not connected).
3. In the body, give us as much detail about the issue/request as possible.
4. Attach screenshots of the issue (if applicable).
5. Send the email.